Never miss your
Favorite television series with us.

5000+ Channels & more

Get access to 5000+ live Channels like ESPN, ABC, FS1, BTN and more so you can watch your favorite sports on Android or your non Smart TV.

Instant Activated

Download now and access the best of US,India television in one app. You’ll find all your favourites, including BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and Eurosport.

No cables and installations

Turn your Android device into a portable television! Enjoy live TV anywhere you go. No Cables, No Antennas.

More Devices

You can connect your account on 3 devices and link this with your TV through any Android box.







Frequently Ask Questions

1What do I need?
You just need your phone, tablet and internet to watch TV. NO INSTALL!
2How many channels are available?
Each country has their own channels. There are more than 8000+ channels to choose from.
3Is there a contract?
No, it's a pay as you go plan!
4How can I pay?
You can pay at our office or online through the online payment gateways.
5What is the price?
The price is € 20 per month for the mobile application subscription and € 20 for the TV box application subscription.

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