Reseller Account

With the The Flamingo Corporate Account you can sell the Flamingo IPTV Account ™ to your customers.

Flamingo IPTV APP

There is a app for androids/tablets and there is a IPTV Box for your non SMART TV. IPTV is an excellent app for watching TV online. Thanks to it, you can enjoy lots of TV channels on your Android, including sports, series, news channels, and anything else you want.

Reseller Agreement

Reseller Agreement Based on a reseller agreement you receive ten Flamingo IPTV Account™, installed on special IPTV boxes, with a value of € 1.000,00 and access to a branded online portal, with credit deposit of € 500,00 to manage the services. And you are able to increase your corporate deposit to € 10.000,00 per month.

Activate IPTV accounts

Activate the IPTV account of your customers and let them enjoy more than 3000 TV channels

Smartphone and tablet

The starters package for 2 devices costs € 40,00 (onetime fee) and the subscription for two devices for € 20,00 per month

IPTV box

IPTV box with The starters package costs € 100,00 (onetime fee) and the subscription for € 20,00 per month

Best solution

If you have a lot of customers who need to travel a lot or just want a good TV solution at home, the Flamingo IPTV Account ™ is the ideal solution.

For € 1500 you receive 10 Flamingo IPTV Account
and have access to a branded online portal.
(You can use the credit of €500 deposit to fund your accounts)